Online eCards, whatever your special occasion from

First we had a


A group of people in separate locations wanted to get together to create a leaving card for a well regarded colleague. We were asked if that could be done online


So we went into
The thought process


How can we get lots of different people, to enjoy the experience as if they were passing a card round an office. There's the fun of seeing other peoples messages. What about when someone writes something more witty than your entry and you want to go back and rewrite it? How about adding little pictures or sketches? How do we make sure everyone owns their own entry? Could this be useful for other things, not just when someone leaves a job but for birthdays and other special events?


And we had
That lightbulb moment


There's nothing out there, but we can do it ourselves. So we created theLeavingCard.
And, here we are...

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